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Welcome to DoubleTake Auto. We are Pittsburgh auto detailing shop specializing in premium car detailing, window tinting, and ceramic coatings for your vehicle(s). Simply stated, auto detailing is the practice of making a car look its best – without relying on extreme measures such as dismantling or repairing. Auto detailing is an essential element toward maintaining your car’s beauty, performance and value. To achieve these goals, detailing needs to become as important as changing your oil or...

3030 Banksville Rd, Pittsburgh, PA, 15216
(412) 344-9274

Leasing a car has never been so straightforward. Browse from a range of manufacturers and monthly costs to find the car you're looking for, then choose any optional extras you'd like included before ordering the vehicle online. You can contact the friendly support team over the phone for assistance, and you can request a quote for any car make and model available in the UK. Visit the website to get started.

West Barn, Brightwell Farm, Brightwell Baldwin, Oxfordshire, OX49 5NP
01491 615514

Wheelchair accessible vehicles make travelling easier – you can access the vehicle via a ramp or lift and remain seated in your wheelchair as a passengers – or if you wish drive from your wheelchair. There are also other options such as transfer seat and ride up front – enables you to do exactly that, find wheelchair accessible vehicles that meets your needs.

Kings House Business Centre, St John's Square, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV2 4DT
0800 832 1617

European car imports and exports by Import Marques. We can offer both right hand and left hand drive vehicles, such as Ferrari, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Range Rover and more.

01344 874 201