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Cities exist because people plan them and build them, but each city is shaped by its location's geography and topography. Cities tend to grow in a more or less ad hoc manner, with buildings and streets that address the needs of their inhabitants rather than the visions and plans of urban designers. This website discusses the history of cities and provides convenient links to maps of major cities in the USA.

A world atlas contains information about geography in various map formats. These maps contain information on both global and local scales. Charts that depict hemispheres of the earth show continents, oceans, currents, latitude & longitude lines, winds, and other data. This website features a map of the world as well as maps and descriptions of each continent. Website visitors can view photos of each continent's attractions and learn about travel destinations on each continent.

Map websites and world maps are the focus of website The website features several world maps and affords convenient access to continent and country map websites, grouping them by continent on a single web page. The world maps include colorful political maps and relief maps as well as interactive maps with local-language labels. The detailed world map with ISO country codes works well on a desktop computer but is hard to use on a smartphone screen.

View static and interactive maps of Norway, and learn about Norway's geography and tourist attractions. A map of Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is included on the website.