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Tools Websites

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This Tool Guide website comprises information and selected resource citations concerning hand tools and power tools. Cited resources are selected based on their quality and relevance as well as the scope of tool information they provide and the range of hand tool and power tool products they offer.

Introduction to miniature tools and accessories, with a discussion of the many applications of these handy little tools. The website defines the primary types of rotary tool accessories that craftsmen and hobbyists use with these miniature tools and includes links to miniature tool vendors. Discussions of flexible tool drives, miniature tool safety, and miniature tool techniques are included on the site.

Introduction to polishing tools and accessories, including a description of various polishing tools and their polishing and buffing applications. The website discusses the use of rotary polishing accessories and buffing wheels as well as silicone polisher points. Links to polishing tool vendors are included on the website.