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Charles Henry Mackintosh was born in October, 1820, and died in November, 1896. This website comprises a biographical sketch of Charles Mackintosh's life and Christian ministry as well as a series of short articles and article extracts that were written by him.

We are a Christian ministry website that gives prophetic words to our clients. Our writers talk about Jesus, Christianity and religion in our articles. Our prophets help people from all walks of life.

History and teachings of the Plymouth Brethren, a non-denominational Christian movement that developed in the British Isles and expanded around the world during the 19th century. Key features of the movement include the priesthood of all Christian believers, the pre-tribulation rapture of the church, and the belief that God's covenant promises to Abraham and his descendents are still valid.

At Christian Data Resources, find answers to your questions about the Bible. Read topical articles about biblical-related issues.