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TMJ Specialist of Los Angeles and Malibu
Aug 19, 2016

Dr. Bob Perkins is the top Neuromuscular Dentist in Los Angeles and a TMJ specialist. Dr. Perkins has had extensive training and possesses vast knowledge in regarding TMJ. His objective with TMJ patients is to correct the bite and realign the jaw. DR. Perkins is an expert in the field of TMJ and uses state-of-the art tools, equipment and the finest materials,techniques and up to date science to treat Temporomandibular disorder, TMJ. He provides a treatment that has offered immediate relief from the stress, pain and agony patients are experiencing from TMJ. This treatment is a unique and fast acting therapy that has caused instant long term relied as well as permanent relief for some of his patients.

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  • 226 1/2 S Fuller Ave
  • Los Angeles
  • California
  • 90036
  • 3106517737
  • United States
TMJ Specialist of Los Angeles and Malibu