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Brain Wellness Spa - Mental Health Services
Jun 06, 2017

At the Brain Wellness Spa we help our clients to recover from anxiety, ptsd, depression, anger, burnout and other mental and emotional health challenges. We help our customers recover with a success rate of over 98%*. We've developed an all-natural drug free solution called Quantum Neuro Recoding (QNR) which has revolutionised the way we treat mental health. We don't just treat in Australia either; we have a growing number of clients seeking our treatment overseas. QNR has been more than a decade in the making is now getting world first results in successful treatment of the most difficult mental and emotional health issues. If you're struggling with mental and emotional health then contact our team today to get started on your first risk free session and our 8 step emotional empowerment program. Get started today.

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  • 25 Lyall Street
  • South Perth
  • Western Australia
  • 6151
  • 1300 884 348
  • Australia
Brain Wellness Spa - Mental Health Services