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Sep 17, 2018

What is a bridging loan? The simple answer is, is that in the UK, this style of short term secured finance was initially used to purchase a new property when the borrower hadn't actually sold their own home. The bridge was put in place so that the new property wasn't lost. However, in an ever evolving world, the funding packages adapted so that it could be used for any purpose. So whether you are a home owner looking to briidge a gap with a first or second charge bridging loan to bridge a gap, or if you are a business owner looking for investment funds, a bridging loan may just be the financing you are looking for. There are also other forms of financing available like borroowing against asset like heavy plant machinery, supercars or even pensions or stock and shared, property unsecured guarantor loans, business or perosnal revolving credit facilities and auction finance. Simply follow the link on this web page to speak directly to the lenders at AdMainBridging, and even if you have a low credit score, adverse or bad credit history, have CCJ's or are registered and an IVA or bankrupt, as long as you have equity in a property or land, this equity can be borrowed against at cheap interest rates, no early repayment fees and no up front set up costs. Even if you decide not to AdMainBridging as your chosen lender after we quote you, it will not cost you a penny. No costs are involved until you start paying interest on any monies borrowed from us.

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