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Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island
Mar 16, 2022

Carpet cleaning in RI is not a DIY job and not one for general contractors or just any carpet cleaning company! Efficient, thorough carpet cleaning services require the skill and expertise you’ll only get from the pros at Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island. Regular, professional carpet cleaning in RI removes layers of dirt, mud, cigarette smoke and ash, pet hair, dried dust, and other debris regular vacuuming overlooks. The longer you put off carpet cleaning services, the more ground-in debris your carpets collect and the worse they look, feel, and smell! Consistent carpet cleaning in RI removes those layers of dirt and grime while restoring carpet nap, for a more comfortable feeling underfoot. Carpet cleaning services also restore matted areas such as underneath doors and furniture, for a like-new appearance throughout your home. Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island also offers a full line of upholstery cleaning in RI, removing dirt, body oils, pet hair and pet stains, growing mold, and mildew trapped underneath furniture fabric. Regular upholstery cleaning in RI restores furniture appearance while removing bothersome odors, so your home’s furniture looks like new and your interior spaces offer a clean, welcoming look. Homeowners can also preserve the value of their area rugs with regular Oriental rug cleaning in RI by the pros at Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island. Professional cleaning removes trapped dirt and debris, protecting rugs against damage.

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Carpet Cleaners of Rhode Island