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Honsberger Physio+
Apr 17, 2023

Our experienced team of Registered Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists, Certified Athletic Therapists and Trainers, Osteopathic Manual Practitioners, Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Pilates Trainers are here to help! All Assessments & follow up treatment stem from our Biomechanical, Functional Movement, and Postural philosophy. We provide a thorough assessment that will look at the full body to identify the root cause behind your symptoms. WE OFFER: Physiotherapy Sports therapy Registered Massage Therapy Athletic Therapy Osteopathy Workplace Injury (WSIB) + Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation Cognitive Assessments Concussion Recovery Sports Vision + Cognitive Training At-home Sleep Studies + Diagnostic Testing

  • 675 Cochrane Drive, Suite 105
  • Markham
  • ON
  • L3R 0B8
  • 905-940-2627
  • Canada
Experienced Team of Registered Physiotherapists and Massage