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Medical Insurance Consultants

Medical Insurance Consultants offer a wide range of insurance products for healthcare providers, clinics and private practices. Insurance policies available include locum insurance, medical indemnity, malpractice and liability insurance and income protection as well as a range of policies designed...

 Park House, 45 The Park, Somerset, BA20 1DF
 0800 163 870
Brett Paving

Brett Paving are one of the UK's leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality paving and aggregate products for domestic and commercial use. The product range includes concrete block paving, ethically sourced natural stone paving and concrete garden paving slabs as well as decorative...

 Sileby Road, Leicestershire, LE12 8LX
 0345 60 80 577
Studio42 Workspaces - East Brisbane Meeting Room Hire

Studio42 Workspaces is a boutique serviced venue located in the heart of historic East Brisbane. We offer casual meeting and training room hire, full-time serviced office hire and flexible virtual office packages. The brand-new venue was fitted out less than 12 months ago and is complete with modern...

 42 Manilla Street, QLD, 4169
 07 3435 1500
City Maps

Cities exist because people plan them and build them, but each city is shaped by its location's geography and topography. Cities tend to grow in a more or less ad hoc manner, with buildings and streets that address the needs of their inhabitants rather than the visions and plans of urban designers...

Customer Driven Research at IBM

On August 12, 1981, IBM announced the IBM Personal Computer (PC), based on an Intel 8088 microprocessor. It utilized operating system and programming language software from Microsoft and Digital Research, as well as application software from Software Arts, Peachtree, and other software developers...

C. H. Mackintosh - Life and Ministry

Charles Henry Mackintosh was born in October, 1820, and died in November, 1896. This website comprises a biographical sketch of Charles Mackintosh's life and Christian ministry as well as a series of short articles and article extracts that were written by him.

World Atlas - Continents of the Earth

A world atlas contains information about geography in various map formats. These maps contain information on both global and local scales. Charts that depict hemispheres of the earth show continents, oceans, currents, latitude & longitude lines, winds, and other data. This website features a map of...

Travel and Tourism Industry

Introduction to the travel and tourism industry. Website visitors can read about the history of travel and learn about travel and tourism careers. Visitors can also find travel and tourism consumer guides and professional organizations that deal with travel industry advocacy and training issues...

 Post Office Box 828, NJ, 08005
Home and Garden Menu - Homes and Gardens

Our homes and our gardens are places in which we spend a great deal of time. We can infuse our personal preferences and styles into these living areas. This website highlights the significance of homes and gardens in our everyday lives, and it provides convenient access to informative resources that...

Couches - Overview and Manufacturers

A couch is a wide, upholstered seat that is designed for sitting or reclining. Also called sofas or davenports, couches usually have a back and two armrests, and they are wide enough to accommodate three or four seated people or one reclining person. This website discusses couch materials and...

 Post Office Box 828, NJ, 08005
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